About Us

The Precision VRI (variable rate irrigation) system was developed in New Zealand by a team of talented engineers from farming backgrounds.

In 2007 the team noticed a need for a more intelligent irrigation system. With the world's resources becoming more valuable (especially water) and the need for farmers to ensure sustainability of the environment, a more precise, efficient irrigation system was a logical idea.

Precision Irrigation VRI was released to the market in 2008. With each individual sprinkler on the irrigator being remotely controlled using GPS technology. It gave farmers control over their irrigator they had never before been able to achieve.

By controlling each sprinkler individually, Precision Irrigation VRI allows irrigators to provide more water to areas that need it most, such as high draining soils. This prevents overwatering as well as undesirable effects of this such as decreased production and nitrate leaching. Significant amounts of water was also able to be saved through not watering specific areas such as tracks, waterways, yards, sheds and unproductive areas.

2010 was an eventful year for Precision Irrigation. Precision VRI was developed and refined over the previous two years to provide a superior method of irrigation control. The advantages of the system were recognised with Precision Irrigation winning a number of awards, including:

−  2010 Irrigation NZ and Waterforce: 'Innovation in Irrigation Award'
−  2010 Manawatu Business Awards: 'Innovation in the Manawatu', 'Workplace Safety Award' and 'Overall Supreme Award'

Lindsay Corporation had been following the company's development and seeing the merits of the intelligent system, purchased Precision Irrigation on the 3rd of November 2010.

With Lindsay purchasing us, we are now able to expand our reach − providing our product to people in need of intelligent irrigation around the world, while developing Precision VRI further to continue to provide innovative, quality products to farmers.

We pride ourselves on the useability of our product and the friendly, knowledgeable customer service you will always receive when dealing with us.

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